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WalkingPad - Under Desk Treadmill

WalkingPad - Under desk treadmill

Awards For The Finest In Design

Our Walking Pad treadmills have won awards for their cool design, good looks, attention to detail, high-tech manufacturing, and smart folding tech. Plus, they're super easy to use!

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Red Dot Design Award for2019, 2022 & 2023

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Red Dot Design Award for 2019,2022, 2023

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Good Design Award for 2020, 2023

WalkingPad Treadmill

The Walking Pad is a space-saving treadmill that's perfect for home use. It adjusts to how fast you walk and has both manual and automatic settings for custom workouts. Quiet to use, it comes with an easy-to-read LED screen and built-in safety features for worry-free exercise. Setting it up and putting it away is a breeze, making the WalkingPad your top choice for easy home exercise. Get fit on your own terms with this clever, compact treadmill!

1. Compact and Convenient Design:

The Walking Pad is an advanced treadmill, perfect for home workout lovers. It's designed to be super convenient but still gives a great workout. This clever treadmill can be folded up, so it fits perfectly in any room. When you're not using it, just slide it under the bed or in a closet, saving you loads of space at home.

2. Intelligent Speed Control:

Get a workout that matches your speed with the smart WalkingPad. This treadmill changes its speed based on how fast you walk, giving you a workout that's just right for you. Whether you're in the mood for a slow walk or a quick pace, the WalkingPad shifts its speed instantly to fit your exercise style.

3. Dual Mode Flexibility:

Pick the mode that fits your workout style - manual for full control or automatic for a guided routine. The WalkingPad adjusts to your needs, making every exercise session match your fitness aims and comfort. This adaptability makes your workouts perfectly suited to you.

4. Whisper-Quiet Operation:

Dive into your workout with no interruptions, all thanks to the WalkingPad's high-tech, quiet motor. It's so silent that you can work out without bothering anyone around you. With the WalkingPad, you get a calm, effective exercise session whenever you want.

5. Informative LED Display:

Keep track of your workout with the WalkingPad's easy-to-read LED screen. It shows all the key details – time, distance, speed, and calories burned – as you exercise. This complete display helps you stay focused and motivated from start to finish.

6. Safety First:

Your safety comes first with the Walking Pad. It has a non-slip surface for a stable workout. Plus, it slows down automatically if you get too close to the edges, helping prevent slips or falls.

7. Effortless Setup and Usage:

Getting the Walking Pad ready is super easy. Just unfold it, plug it in, and you're set to go. Use the handy remote or the app to adjust your workout, like choosing the mode, setting the speed, and deciding how long you want to exercise.

8. Smart Recognition Technology:

The Walking Pad smartly adapts to your walking speed. Step forward to speed up and back to slow down, making your workout smooth and intuitive.

Revolutionize your exercise routine with the Walking Pad. It's a blend of smart technology and user-friendly design. Upgrade your home exercise with a treadmill that fits your life and goals. Discover new workout possibilities and let the WalkingPad be part of your path to better health and fitness.

WalkingPad Reviews

We welcome all your feedback, whether it's praise or suggestions, on your Walking Pad experience. Feel free to share any positive comments as well!


E. S.

Used this gem every day for a week, and I'm smitten! Slides effortlessly under my narrow vintage desk, a feat I thought impossible. Quick tip: Pay attention when starting; calibrate the belt with the allen wrench included. Trust me, a moment for this step saves your treadmill belt!


G. S.

Absolutely adore my Walking Pad! It's a silent marvel, effortlessly tucks away, and believe it or not, I've clocked in hundreds of miles on this beauty. It's like my secret weapon for a quiet and effective workout journey—couldn't be happier with it!


L. B.

Absolutely adore my Walking Pad! It's a silent marvel, effortlessly tucks away, and believe it or not, I've clocked in hundreds of miles on this beauty. It's like my secret weapon for a quiet and effective workout journey—couldn't be happier with it!

Features Of WalkingPad

1. One Treadmill, Multiple Features:

Introducing the dual-purpose Walking Pad – perfect for light walks under your desk to break free from prolonged sitting and also serving as a running treadmill for your fitness pursuits. Offering versatile functions in a single machine, it's your key to a healthier, more active lifestyle!

2. Your Ultimate Space Saver!

Our ultra-compact Walking Pad folding treadmills help you save 90% of your space. Fitting in workouts is easy, whether you're at home, in a small apartment, or even at work. No complicated setup required, plus it's simple to move wherever you need it!

3. Daily Jogging Delight

Keep up with your workout routine, rain or shine! The WalkingPad treadmill lets you hit your fitness targets and shake off the sedentary slump. Once you're finished, tuck this foldable treadmill under your bed or couch. It's that simple!

4. Home Gym Walkway Wonder

Gone are the days of missing workouts! With the foldable WalkingPad treadmill, you can easily fit more exercise into your busy schedule of work and play.

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